NALT Project – Sep. 2013

I believe in equal civil rights for all people of the earth.

I believe in LBGT marriage.

The NALT Organization (Not All Like That) is an organization of practicing Christians that support LBGT marriage and wish to be vocal about their support -in the face of so much division, spiteful words and behavior absolutely foreign to the gentleness of Christ.

Though I don’t attend church, nor do I belong to any religious/ecclesiastical organization (I have a tendency to shy away from organized religion), I recorded a video in support of NALT in September of 2013 and like many others, sent it to the project, to be included in their website.

That video is here and (as encouraged by NALT) is of a more personal nature than just voicing an opinion:

(Link to the website showcase page here.)

The other videos can be found at