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Death of Antonia

Novella. 52 Pages, English.
“Maybe she was never good to start with. She doesn’t know; she cannot tell. There is no thinking clearly.
And the blood. Her fingers are covered in it. This dry, sticky thing.”
Antonia is a woman whose character challenged mid-twentieth century conventions of how a woman should think and live. Her intelligence and struggle with mental illness are the framework of this odd little novella, written in the style of Latin America’s Magic Realism. But above all, Antonia’s extraordinary story is a testament to the ever-presence of hope and grace.
It is a tale sure to linger in the mind of the reader, long after the final chapter has been read.


Short Story Collection. 32 pages, English.
Set in Latin America, ‘Ten Wandering Tales – Stories of Grace in Awkward Places’ is an inspiring collection of fiction based on real events.
Each story takes around 1-2 minutes to read; ideal for when you’re standing in line, commuting, or drinking a latte at your corner café.


Novel. 250 pages, Spanish.
Over a glass of wine, Víctor Astete told me his story, one riddled with expectations of faith, abuse by the very people committed to ensuring his spiritual well-being, struggles with his sexuality and the teeth-grinding anger his own silence became.
Over time, the idea of a Roman á Clef was born, book which would be based on the events he witnessed at the Seminario Mayor San Fidel from March 7th of 1993 to October 30th, 1995 –when he was expelled.
It wasn’t an easy story to tell, on the contrary, it is tainted with the kind of despair abuse and illicit love provoke.
The names of those that participated in the abuse have been disguised to avoid any legal disputes due to the delicate nature of the book, as the perpetrators still hold positions of power within the Chilean Catholic Church.