Author Head ShotHi there. Let me start by saying that writing makes me feel alive. I have a desk job that pays the bills, but writing is what I look forward to every day.

I also like listening to people’s stories.

I believe in fairy tales.
And the power of hot Chocolate.
Most of all, I believe dogs are the greatest gift God has given mankind. I really do.

I wish I could adopt them all and ease their suffering.

I’ve been awarded second place in three major Chilean short story contests (DUOC-UC 1995 and 1996 and Intendencia de Santiago 2005). I’m fluent in English and Spanish, and feel comfortable writing in both languages. My Spanish and English books can be be found on Amazon.

I currently reside in Puerto Montt, Chile with two rescued mutty dogs that mean the world to me.

You can contact me at, I always write back.